Currently, we are heavy into the harvest of almost every single crop we grow from a wide range of peppers (bells, jalapenos, poblanos and chili peppers) squash, corn, string beans, raspberries and blackberries. Additionally, we are undergoing ground preparations and seed selections for next year’s garlic and strawberry crops, and we are also looking over field audits in order to make plans and projections for next year’s growing season.

Although September is a busy month for us, we very much enjoy hearing from you, so please don’t hesitate to keep sending us your crop-related questions by selecting the email link below! – Tim Chiala

We are heavy into this year’s pepper harvest, especially our green peppers including Poblanos, Jalapenos, Chili Peppers and Bell Peppers. The quality of the peppers is excellent this year because the temperate spring and summer helped the fruit form nice thick walls.

The quality of the squash has also been really good this year. Yields are up, and the plants are doing well.

Both our Organic and Conventional Bean crops have been doing very well. Harvest should continue on into November.

We are currently working the ground and finishing up our seed selection process in preparation for our fall plantings. We will be growing both Organic and Conventional garlic next season.