October 07, 2015: GC Farms Featured on ABC's "Made In America" broadcast.
GC Farms was recently featured on the “Made in America” segment of David Muir’s “ABC World News Tonight.” The segment highlighted Nestle’s new line of Lean Cuisine frozen dinners, which launched as a response to evolving market demands with customers seeking higher protein content, gluten free and organic options. But Nestle went further than most food manufacturers in responding to consumer trends. The food manufacturer also decided to have the new food line directly support our American economy by sourcing ingredients from American growers. To learn more about how Lean Cuisine’s new frozen food line is supporting American agriculture, Muir’s team decided to investigate the point of origin of one of the key ingredients in the Cheese and Bean Enchilada Verde – the poblano peppers, which they traced back to Morgan Hill’s very own GC Farms.

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